20 reason not to go away from Italy

I would like, for a while, to put on evidence a nice phenomenon that occurred these last few months in Italy. A really sarcastic and sometimes politically-uncorrect blog called “L’oltreuomo” (German Übermensch, English Superman) is gathering more and more appreciation from the Italian Social Network public and reached 16.000 “likes” on the Official Facebook page, plus multiple shares of many blog posts.

Here you can find the last one.

20 reason for young graduates not to go out from Italy

1. Because we have bidet.

2. Because Letta [Italian Prime Minister] said crisis is over.

3. Because Romanian nurses are riunning out and someone has to replace them.

4. Because mommy’s Bolognese sauce is not good anymore if you send it by mail.

5. Because if you have a girlfriend and you go abroad you have 98% of possibilities that she cheats on you and 2% that she betrays you with your father.

6. Because if you are single your destiny is to be single (you didn’t succeed in finding a girl even in Italy, do you really think foreign girls would look at you?).

7. Because to find a job in Italy is a hard work, but if it happens they pay you not to do nothing for the rest of your life.

8. Because Canalis is single.

9. Because “41% of youth unemployment” is a good excuse for lying on the sofa

10. Because as Padoa-Schioppa said, taxes are extremely beautiful, and here in Italy there are enough for everyone.

11. Because pizza with radioactive mozzarella has an astonishing flavour.

12. Because a delocalized company becomes a richer company, but if you delocalize yourself you just continue starving somewhere else.

13. Because except for a short period from September to June, in Italy it’s always sunny.

14. Because if you got hemorhoids, how would you explain to your doctor what a rhagade is without make him think you’re a sexual-maniac?

15. Because in Italy pedestrians do not have the right of way, and if you’re in a car nothing can stop you. Except for a wall.

16. Because in Italy Mc Donald’s flesh is healthier.

17. Because if you suffer injustice, “Le Iene” and “Striscia” [Entertainment and Satirical TV programs] will compete to offer you their help.

18. Because in Italy if you are a graduate they will think you’re clever at first glance, while abroad you have to show it.

19. Because Italian Champions League is the harder of the world.

20. Because  if you make an effort, you can be fulfilled, and there are many examples around you.

Ruling Class


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